Our interpreting and translation services

Carried out according to professional standards, interpretation is a subtle art which requires very specific skills.
Quality interpreters will help you overcome the language barrier with ease, thus emphasizing your brand image.
Whether you are organising a guided tour, a conference or an online meeting, European Interpreters is here to support you.
Here is a more detailed overview of our interpreting services.

Simultaneous interpretation 

This is the most well-known and most common type of interpretation, as well as the most suited and efficient type for conferences, meetings and conventions. The interpreters - two per target language - are in the booth, where they simultaneously interpret the speaker's words. Given the demanding nature of the task, they always work as a pair. In the conference or meeting room, the participants can listen to the interpretation in the language of their choice by selecting the desired channel on their receiver.

Online interpretation 

Remote simultaneous interpretation has experienced an unprecedented rise during the Covid-19 crisis. For this type of interpreting, all participants, wherever they are in the world, are connected to an online platform and the interpreters simultaneously translate the speaker's words from an interpreting studio. This method of interpretation is extremely demanding, which is why interpreters need to be able to work in the best possible conditions. The participants simply need to choose the language in which they wish to follow the meeting.

Consecutive interpretation

For this interpretation method, the interpreter is next to the speaker and takes notes from their speech. Every 4 or 5 minutes, the speaker pauses to allow the interpreter to reproduce their speech in one other language. Consecutive interpretation is more suited to meetings in smaller groups or for site visits, but it is often neglected as it takes much longer than simultaneous interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreting with a portable interpretation system

For construction or industrial site visits, or for meetings in small groups, this type of solution is extremely popular with clients, as the speaker's words can be interpreted simultaneously (thus saving time), thanks to lighter portable equipment. The disadvantage of this method is that it is more tiring for the client, as well as the interpreter.


Organising multilingual meetings goes hand in hand with translating a set of documents such as reports, analytical summaries, minutes, assessments, evaluations and, of course, speeches. With over a decade of experience translating all types of documents and a network of competent translators, we will gladly take care of the translation of your documents.